How to Make a Pig Shape Origami (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Pig Shape Origami (with Pictures)
How to Make a Pig Shape Origami (with Pictures)

There are countless exotic and wild animals that can be created by folding a piece of paper: jumping frogs, birds flapping their wings or jumping cones. What if you want to make an origami farm? You can make a simple pig and place it in the yard of your "farm". After all, how can a farm exist without at least one pig?


Make an Origami Pig Step 1
Make an Origami Pig Step 1

Step 1. Start with a square piece of paper

Step 2. Fold the top and bottom to the center

Step 3. Fold the four corners towards the center

Step 4. Reverse the creases you just made and return them to the position of the previous step

Step 5. Fold the two triangular ends towards the center

You will get a rectangle. Undo the creases you just made.

Step 6. Flatten the triangles at the ends

Step 7. Repeat for the other three corners

Step 8. Fold the model vertically in half, leaving the corners on the outside

Step 9. Fold the inside of the triangle in half facing down to create the paws

Step 10. Repeat for all four triangles, front and back

Step 11. Fold the triangle to the left (on itself) at the end of the paw and undo the crease

Step 12. Reopen the fold and turn the last fold you made inside out

Step 13. Locate the inside point of the fold and fold it outwards

Step 14. Fold the stitch on the other edge, not quite to the extreme, but slightly higher

Step 15. Unfold the fold and fold it back in reverse

Make an Origami Pig Step 16
Make an Origami Pig Step 16

Step 16. Raise the pig

All done.


  • You can make pigs with brown, black, spotted paper, as you wish.
  • Make the folds well. Your pig will stand better.
  • Consider using recycled paper, it's better for the environment.
  • This is origami for beginners and therefore suitable for children. Build a nice backyard for the paper farm and put your next creations in it.