How to Become a Cultured Person (with Pictures)

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How to Become a Cultured Person (with Pictures)
How to Become a Cultured Person (with Pictures)

It doesn't matter if you are a teenager or a more mature person: get involved in the fantastic but complex culture that exists in our modern society. It can be difficult, you may never have finished a book, but this article will help you become more cultured, interesting and informed from scratch.


Become a Person of Culture Step 1
Become a Person of Culture Step 1

Step 1. Learn what it means to be cultured

A cultured person can be an eclectic reader, who watches well-written classic films, and who has a refined appreciation of art. Furthermore, being cultured means knowing the world and its languages, understanding international politics, knowing the history of the world quite well. Above all, a person of culture is interested in culture and is actively involved in it.

Become a Person of Culture Step 2
Become a Person of Culture Step 2

Step 2. Read more

A large part of the culture comes from books, as they have been around longer than any other medium. The most obvious thing would be to start with the classics, but if you are a novice reader you will find them disheartening and uninteresting.

  • Choose a genre that really interests you, such as fantasy or romance. Look for the best-of-kind books recommended by experienced readers, and read them. While doing this you may want to check out other genre books. If you find a genre you're not sure about, give it a try - you might also like it.
  • When you think you are knowledgeable enough about one genre, choose another. Also, read some classics and some recommended books. You may begin to appreciate books from ancient cultures by reading contemporary books.
  • Subscribe to a magazine that publishes articles on literature, comedies and music. Read similar articles once a week, twice a month, or when you have the time. Follow the suggestions you find in the texts you read. Occasionally you may find articles that inspire you to follow a subject. For example, if you read a good essay on Mozart, take it to a store where you can buy CDs and ask the salesperson where to find Mozart's works you might like. Buy or borrow some from the library. If you read an article about an artist that seems interesting, search online in which museum his works are exhibited. Then go visit these museums. Search the local newspaper for school theater productions you can see.
Become a Person of Culture Step 3
Become a Person of Culture Step 3

Step 3. Write

You can write poems, short stories, books, even comedies. Being cultured means responding to the call of culture, and the creative act is the best way to do it.

Become a Person of Culture Step 4
Become a Person of Culture Step 4

Step 4. Watch movies

It is very important that you not only read books, but also watch movies regularly. There are plenty of them worth knowing, and you may be unsure which one to watch.

  • Word of mouth is the best way to know which contemporary films to watch. You may remember your friends talking about a certain movie. Go to a video store and look for any titles you know.
  • Read Wikipedia reviews of a movie before you watch it, to make sure you don't waste your time (if you're short on it). In any case, remember that the opinions of critics are not always right.
  • It is important that you do your research. If you don't understand a certain movie, look for information on Wikipedia or on the net. Sometimes an old film will have references to other classic films. As a result, you will learn something about other works. By watching this type of movie, you will soon be able to enjoy them more than before.
  • Do not restrict the field to films in English. There are tons of other films worth watching in other languages as well.
Become a Person of Culture Step 5
Become a Person of Culture Step 5

Step 5. Watch television

It can be a time-consuming activity, but just watch one episode of something a day. There is a lot to learn from TV shows. TV is as significant a media as any other, and often provides social testimony.

  • Look for some great tv shows you might like. There are many different types, from sitcoms to dramas. Wikipedia usually provides information on the most popular TV shows. You can consult the listening data or ask around.
  • Don't forget to keep an open mind. TV shows you thought you wouldn't like may turn out to be your favorites.
  • If you really like a TV show and think you want to watch it again, buy DVDs.
  • Watch channels like Discovery and History Channel. It's a painless way to get involved in subjects like the origin of Impressionist art or the history of the English kings.
Become a Person of Culture Step 6
Become a Person of Culture Step 6

Step 6. Broaden your musical horizons

Many people are very closed when it comes to music, but a person of culture also admires niche music.

  • For example, it is important to listen to and appreciate music with non-trite lyrics, but it is also important to appreciate melodies without lyrics, only for the emotions it can convey or the story it can tell without words.
  • The ability to appreciate classical music is not as difficult a thing as it seems. Listen to some famous pieces, and you will quickly understand why.
  • Be very open. There is a lot of music out there that doesn't fit into any category, but you might like it anyway. Don't turn down certain types of music just because you've never heard of them.
  • Listen to entire records, not just singles. You may like songs that never got too famous. That doesn't mean you won't like the most memorable ones.
  • Listen to various groups. Many have been around for a long time and, despite that, their music is still fresh. This will give you access to older music, and you will be able to enjoy it better.
  • Listen to music from other countries and in other languages. You will be amazed.
  • Learn to play an instrument. If you listen to good music, it will be natural for you to want to try making your own with an instrument.
Become a Person of Culture Step 7
Become a Person of Culture Step 7

Step 7. Play video games

Despite being considered part of nerdy culture, the popularity of video games is growing and they are becoming an undeniable part of contemporary culture. It is important to give every cultural medium a chance, and video games are no exception.

  • If you don't like shooting games, there are many other types you might enjoy. Do your research and you will see that the variety is huge. RPGs and open world games that will allow you to move freely within virtual worlds in which you can completely lose yourself. However, there are people who prefer relatively simpler games, such as platformers.
  • Don't worry if you find that you like some games. This is a good thing. It doesn't automatically make you a nerd, it adds complexity to your personality.
  • Video games are a fairly expensive passion, try the demo versions before buying the full games.
Become a Person of Culture Step 8
Become a Person of Culture Step 8

Step 8. Take part in the culture of the Internet

Don't forget that past culture, like 80s music, was once the culture of the present. Those who have paid attention to it then can understand its cultural significance, while those who have ignored it cannot. The digital age is very important and it is a huge turning point for society. We live in historically important times. Don't let them slip on you.

  • You may think you already know a lot about the internet, however study the history of the internet and watch viral videos to get a fuller idea of what it is.
  • Set your homepage on Wikipedia and every day read an article that seems "cultural" to you. In a short time, you will know a lot more than now.
Become a Person of Culture Step 9
Become a Person of Culture Step 9

Step 9. Get more interested in art

Art is a universal language. It is sometimes considered the most powerful form of communication. If it really is, it's up to you to say.

  • The only advice you can give is to do research and get involved in art by visiting the galleries (contrary to popular belief, they are free).
  • If there is an art form that you particularly love, such as dance or sculpture, then try to practice it.
Become a Person of Culture Step 10
Become a Person of Culture Step 10

Step 10. Learn a new language

The best way is total immersion.

Become a Person of Culture Step 11
Become a Person of Culture Step 11

Step 11. Travel

Reading about other cultures instead of experiencing them is like explaining colors to a blind person. Many of the prejudices we have about a certain culture (good or bad) are completely wrong, and the only way to find out the truth about certain social practices is to experience them firsthand.

Become a Person of Culture Step 12
Become a Person of Culture Step 12

Step 12. Find a hobby

Ask your friends what hobbies they have. Most will be art forms or sports. As a cultured person, it is important to have as many experiences as possible, so the next time a friend of yours goes water skiing, ask him to be able to participate.

Become a Person of Culture Step 13
Become a Person of Culture Step 13

Step 13. Visit places where you can learn while having fun

Go to the zoo, visit museums, go camping to learn about nature.

Become a Person of Culture Step 14
Become a Person of Culture Step 14

Step 14. Educate yourself

Today, thanks to the network, practically all information is accessible. Use this perk to learn all those things you've never understood before. You should aim to be reasonably well versed in the following subjects:

  • World history. It is perhaps the most culturally important thing to acquire, as it provides access to other cultural domains and contextualizes their discoveries.
  • Geography. Again, a cultured person shouldn't ignore famous countries or places.
  • Basic Sciences. Physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology. Unless you want to make a career in science, a refined knowledge of the sciences is not necessary. Instead, make sure you have a good grasp of these subjects at a high school level.
  • Economy. It is very important to understand the world today.
  • Psychology. A note on misconceptions: A gross mistake is to believe that psychology is not a science. Read about experimental methodology and educate yourself on this subject before believing certain claims. Psychology is of enormous importance in modern society, and it will grow the more complicated the world becomes.
  • Art and architecture.
  • Philosophy.
Become a Person of Culture Step 15
Become a Person of Culture Step 15

Step 15. Free yourself from ignorance about other cultures

Develop a natural curiosity. Delve deeply into things you don't understand.

  • Part of becoming cultured is learning and studying other cultures, not just yours. Try to free yourself from ignorance and stereotypes provided by the media about other societies and religions.
  • Always try to identify with all the parties while studying. It is important to challenge your prejudices. No one is inherently good or bad; instead you should try to understand the reasons for the actions. Otherwise you will not be able to understand other cultures.
  • Think with your head. Don't let others dictate your opinions.
Become a Person of Culture Step 16
Become a Person of Culture Step 16

Step 16. Eat new foods with an open mind and excited spirit, especially Indian food


  • The main obstacle to being more cultured is time. If you want to make progress, culture must be a priority for you. Reading a book for an hour before bed, listening to music while cleaning are all great ways to integrate culture into your lifestyle.
  • As in the first tip, you should not only aim to have a knowledge of the culture, but integrate it into your lifestyle. It exists to be appreciated, not to be seen only once and forgotten. For example, if you read all the classics, it doesn't mean you have to stop reading. You should continue with darker texts or re-read the ones you liked the most
  • An important part of culture is developing a critical consciousness. You should always evaluate something after experiencing it. Note the positives and negatives. You won't have many terms of comparison at first, but do it anyway. Later, your critique will be much more informed.
  • Creation against consumption, very important to be aware of. Most of the steps outlined above teach you to consume the work produced by others, but it's also important to create your own works. If you have a criticism of a person's work, you may want to create something you enjoy. It is also a great hobby.
  • You don't have to experience every aspect of culture to be cultured.


  • Be patient. It takes time to be cultured, aims to have a good smattering and interested in things.
  • Some of these activities (reading, watching TV, playing video games, etc) can cause addiction. Try to dilute the time you give them. Don't sacrifice work, family or health, these are the most important priorities, always.
  • Don't be a snob. As in everything, try to be a kind and conscientious person.
  • Don't try to culture yourself just to impress others. It is not the purpose of being cultured. People want to become one out of genuine curiosity to understand the world, because the world is interesting. It is a lifelong commitment.
  • Do not waste time. If you have some free time, instead of spending it on the phone or watching bad TV shows, do something that will advance your goal of being cultured.