How To Make Soap Bubbles: 10 Steps

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How To Make Soap Bubbles: 10 Steps
How To Make Soap Bubbles: 10 Steps

How not to love bubbles? They shine iridescent, soar in the air and then… burst! Learn how to choose the right soap and bubble blower, then start blowing!


Part 1 of 3: Choose the Soapy Solution

Step 1. Buy some bubbles

You will find them in small plastic bottles in toy stores, supermarkets and "all for € 1" ones. Buying a ready-made kit is probably the quickest and easiest solution to get up and running right away, not to mention that when you're done, you can screw the cap back on and put everything away until next time.

Step 2. Create a bubble solution

If you have liquid soap and water, you can make the bubble soap yourself. Mix one part of soap with four parts of water in any cup or container. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this:

  • Depending on the type of soap used, you will get different bubbles. Experiment with dish soap, bubble bath, baby soap, and other types of liquid soap.
  • If you dilute it too much in the water, the bubbles will be thin and will likely burst while you are still blowing them.

Step 3. Boost the soapy water

Once you've created the bubble solution, you can make it unique by adding ingredients that change its texture and color.

  • With a little sugar, glucose syrup or starch, the solution will thicken and the bubbles will be more resistant. Experiment to figure out how much sugar or starch you need to make the bubbles last longer.
  • Add some food coloring. Bubbles naturally have an iridescence with the colors of the rainbow, but you can also customize them. Just add a few drops of dye to the soapy solution.
  • Experiment with other ingredients as well. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make a bubble that contains something? Try adding small petals, glitter or other small material to the soapy water to see the result.

Part 2 of 3: Part Two: Choosing the Bubble Wand

Step 1. Buy a bubble wand

If you bought the bubble pack in a shop, the plastic blow circle will be included. Usually, a stick is used with a handle on one side and the actual rim on the other. Dip the circle in the soap solution and blow through it to make the bubble.

  • Kits for blowing giant bubbles can also be purchased. They usually consist of rods with a large ring wrapped in a net to create very large bubbles.
  • You can also find decorative rings, of different shapes and sizes, in toy and "all for € 1" shops.

Step 2. Make a small ring

Bubble rings do not have to be plastic. Almost any material can be used as long as there is a hole in the center. Try one of the following options:

  • Bend the tip of a pipe cleaner to create a ring, then twist the end around the brush arm to give it the shape of a wand. Experiment with different shapes for the ring - make a heart, star, or square instead of the circle.
  • Try a metal ring to submerge the eggs in water.
  • Fold a straw to make a ring, then tape it to a halt.
  • Try a skimmer.
  • For the sake of experimentation, you can try an onion ring or a thin slice of apple that you will have drilled in the center.

Step 3. Make a giant wand to create bubbles

In this case, the ring will need a mesh around the hole to stabilize the bubbles as they are created. Follow these steps to create the ring:

  • Straighten a hanger to get a straight wire.
  • Fold one end into a circle.
  • Wrap the end of the circle to the straightened base, securing it with a couple of turns of the wire.
  • Wrap the net (such as the wire mesh for cages) around the ring and secure it with a couple of turns of the wire.

Part 3 of 3: Bubbles

Step 1. Find the right place

Bubbles are beautiful when the sun highlights the various shades, so it is best to blow them outside. Making them at home is usually not a good idea as once they pop, they can become difficult to clean, especially if you've used a sugar or dye mix. Better to choose a park or a courtyard.

Step 2. Make small bubbles

It doesn't matter if you use a store-bought kit or a solution of your own - the technique for blowing bubbles is the same.

  • Dip the bubble blower into the soapy solution. You will see a thin membrane attached to the ring.
  • Bring the hoop close to your mouth and blow gently.
  • The membrane will form the bubble and detach from the circle to fly along with the breeze. Blow faster to make lots of small bubbles in sequence.

Step 3. Make giant bubbles

Pour some of the solution into a tray. Place the larger ring in the solution, then gently lift it up. You should see the thin soap membrane through the ring. Now move it gently in the air, so that the membrane begins to stretch, out of the circle. Eventually, a giant, wavy bubble will form.

  • Try walking or running while holding the giant ring to get an even bigger bubble.
  • Hold the ring over your head so the bubble will fly longer before it hits the ground and burst.
Make Bubbles Step 7
Make Bubbles Step 7

Step 4. Play the bubble game

Come up with some imaginative and fun games to play with bubbles. Race to see who blows the most, who creates it the biggest, who blows the most, or who runs the longest.


  • If you want to have bubbles without blowing, you can buy a blower. These electrical appliances keep them in the air for hours at times and are perfect for birthday parties or receptions.
  • Some solutions create more resistant bubbles. You will get this result with denser mixes.