9 Ways to Babysitter

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9 Ways to Babysitter
9 Ways to Babysitter

If you're looking to make some cash, babysitting may be the right job for you. It requires a lot of patience and maturity, but it can be a lot of fun! If you are inexperienced, you probably have no idea how to find clients, how much to get paid, and how to do your job well. Don't worry: with the right preparation and dedication, babysitting can be an enjoyable and rewarding job that you can take care of on your own schedule.


Method 1 of 9: What are some tips for first-time babysitters?

Babysit Step 1
Babysit Step 1

Step 1. Learn the schedules according to which the day of the child you have to take care of is marked and the rules that must be respected

Write down what he eats and what times he eats, what housework or homework he needs to do, and when he needs to go to bed. Try to follow the program to the letter to keep your baby happy and healthy.

Step 2. Find out which activities are allowed and which are not

In all the houses you will work in you will find slightly different rules and it is important to know what is prohibited. Ask how long the child can watch television, if he can play outside, and if there are certain areas of the home that he or she cannot access. If you have more than one child to care for, ask for rules for each of them, as they may vary.

Method 2 of 9: What are the primary responsibilities of a babysitter?

Babysit Step 3
Babysit Step 3

Step 1. Keep the children safe and make sure they are comfortable. The most important rule of babysitting is taking care of the children and making sure they are well

Get them to eat, help with their homework, or tidy up if needed. Afterwards, you can focus on the fun!

Step 2. Entertain the children and let them have fun

You don't just have to enforce the rules! Feel free to play, watch a movie, or read with the child you are caring for. If he's having fun with you, he'll probably be looking forward to meeting you again.

Method 3 of 9: How do I keep children safe?

Babysit Step 5
Babysit Step 5

Step 1. Write down all contact information to use for emergencies

Start by asking for the numbers of the parents, where they will be and how you can contact them in case of need. Get a list of all medical information about the children you need to care for, including drug therapies and products to administer if they feel sick or injured (such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen).

Step 2. Make a note of all children's allergies

If they have to avoid certain foods or drinks, write it down so you don't forget it. Always avoid giving children something that is not allowed for them, even if it seems harmless to you.

Step 3. Take a babysitter safety course

It is not necessary, but it can allow you to learn the skills you will need in an emergency. Look for a course from a local government agency where you can learn the basics of first aid and CPR.

Method 4 of 9: How can I make babysitting more fun?

Babysit Step 8
Babysit Step 8

Step 1. Plan some activities or games

Puzzles, board games and coloring books are all fun pastimes, enjoyed by children of all ages. In addition, playing with the children you care for will have more fun too. Don't rely solely on television and invent fun games instead!

Step 2. Take the kids to the park or local library

Ask their parents for permission before taking them out of the house. If you can walk to your destination, try taking them to the park, library, or public center during the day. Always make sure you keep an eye on the children and never lose sight of them.

Step 3. Order a pizza

If the parents allow it, ask if you can order a special dinner to offer something special for the children. If you can't order, try baking a frozen pizza to make a delicious meal.

Method 5 of 9: What should I avoid while babysitting?

Babysit Step 11
Babysit Step 11

Step 1. Never leave children alone

They can get into dangerous situations in a very short time. When babysitting, always keep an eye on them, especially when they eat or are in the tub. Feel free to use the bathroom or kitchen to make dinner, but check often that everyone is okay.

Step 2. Avoid inviting other people when babysitting

If you haven't received parental permission, you shouldn't invite a friend. Some parents may allow you to call someone once their children have gone to sleep, but not all will allow it.

Step 3. Always avoid opening the door if you don't know who it is

This is probably a neighbor or a friend of the family, but you shouldn't take any chances. If your parents haven't told you someone is coming, keep the door locked and locked the entire time.

Method 6 of 9: What should I bring when babysitting?

Babysit Step 14
Babysit Step 14

Step 1. Bring something to create fun activities with the kids

Often they will already have lots of games to distract themselves with, but it's always nice to have something new available. If you have a fun puzzle or new coloring book, take it with you! You will make a great impression on children, who will probably appreciate you even more.

Step 2. Pick up the phone in an emergency

If you have a cell phone, make sure it is fully charged and has good reception in the house you are in. If there is no camp, ask the parents if they have a telephone line that you can use to call in an emergency.

Method 7 of 9: How do I babysit at night?

Babysit Step 16
Babysit Step 16

Step 1. Prepare dinner for the children

Ask parents what their children should eat and at what time. Usually, you can make something simple, like pasta or toast.

Step 2. Bathe the babies and help them put on their pajamas

Ask parents if they want you to bathe their children (usually, they will ask for babies and toddlers). Later, you can help them put on their pajamas and put them to bed. If they are older, the parents may ask you to read them a story until they fall asleep.

Step 3. Stay awake until the parents return

The children are asleep, but you have to stay up! Little ones can wake up if they are thirsty or have a nightmare. You can read a book or watch television, but beware of all noises in case the children call you.

Method 8 of 9: How can I find a family to babysit for?

Babysit Step 19
Babysit Step 19

Step 1. Ask your parents' neighbors and friends

You may already know some families who have young children. Offer your services and let them know that you are available. People who know you will be more inclined to hire you, so this is a great way to start finding employment.

Once you have more experience, you can sign up for a website that offers babysitting services, such as Helpr or Sittercity, to reach a wider audience

Method 9 of 9: How much should I charge for an hour as a babysitter?

Babysit Step 20
Babysit Step 20

Step 1. Babysitting wages usually range from € 10 to € 20 per hour

The fee you should ask for depends a lot on the area you live in (in big cities you can ask for more), on the experience you have (you can increase the rate if you have a lot of experience) and on how many children you have to look after (many babysitters add € 5 l hour for each additional child).

Try not to go too low under € 10 per hour, even if you are in your first job. This is a competitive rate, which should allow you to find a job wherever you live


  • When a child seems sore or sick to you, stay by their side and call their parents if symptoms continue.
  • If a baby gets up during the night, take him back to bed right away. Usually, you will be able to tell if a child is really upset or just buying time.


  • Remember never to accept commitments that do not put you at ease, due to position, age and number of children.
  • If you are bathing a baby, don't leave him alone for even a few seconds. Make sure you have everything you need in the bathroom before putting it in the tub.