How to Look Good in a Costume (Men): 6 Steps

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How to Look Good in a Costume (Men): 6 Steps
How to Look Good in a Costume (Men): 6 Steps

You don't have to be a professional swimmer to look good in a swimsuit. Whether you will participate in a race, go to the sea or sunbathe in the pool, follow these tips to show it off at its best!


Step 1. Find out about the different cuts and styles available

If you are looking for men's swimwear online, you will quickly find a wide variety of models to choose from.

  • The racing costumes are precisely designed for competitions. They are longer than the others, have a slightly higher waist, wider sides and a fuller back.
  • The briefs are more high-cut, the sides are narrow and the back area fuller; cover less than racing costumes.
  • Men's thongs generally leave more skin exposed than competition costumes and briefs, especially on the back. Some of these pieces expose even more skin. Know the customs of the place where you wear them if you intend to, otherwise you risk looking indecent.
Look Good in a Speedo Step 1
Look Good in a Speedo Step 1

Step 2. Buy a model that fits you well and that you value yourself

This step is often overlooked, but it is essential for showing off a costume. A piece that is too tight and that exposes more skin than it should make you feel uncomfortable if you are basically modest and shy; on the other hand, one that is too wide could fall and put you in an even more embarrassing situation. So, when choosing, try on the costume well and observe it from all sides before buying it. Plus, it's entirely possible that you would prefer a more flirty look. If you have nothing to hide, there are bolder models, without internal or restrictive protection, or characterized by front seams that highlight the area.

  • If you shop online, check out the sites of different sellers, read as many reviews as possible, and consider the material the costume is made of. This will help you determine which one is right for you.
  • If you really need a new costume, but don't have a big budget, you can find packs of this garment. They are usually inexpensive, but the model is not of great quality and will feature patterns that you may not like, so don't be surprised if after trying it it doesn't flatter you.
Look Good in a Speedo Step 2
Look Good in a Speedo Step 2

Step 3. Eat healthy and exercise

Some people got a nice body from Mother Nature, but most of us have to work hard to look decent. In general, the tighter and drier you are, the better your costume will fit, and you'll feel great.

  • Do both muscle-building exercises and cardiovascular activities to tone yourself up and get rid of excess fat.
  • Remember to take all necessary precautions while exercising. A broken leg or arm will not help you look good in a swimsuit, and even a muscle tear can be very painful.
Look Good in a Speedo Step 3
Look Good in a Speedo Step 3

Step 4. Get a tan, and remember this step is not optional

A nice, even tan will make you look even better in a bathing suit, and many people also associate a healthy glow with a beautiful physique. If you're switching from shorts to a bathing suit, your upper legs are likely to be whiter than the rest of your body, so it's especially important to make your tan even. Don't overdo it, though. Using sunbeds or exposing yourself too much to the sun can damage your skin, so be sure to be careful.

Look Good in a Speedo Step 4
Look Good in a Speedo Step 4

Step 5. Be confident

It's probably the most important step in the process, especially if you don't think you're an Adonis. If you act like you are perfectly comfortable wearing the costume, most people will understand that you have good self-esteem and will not be able to make negative comments.

Look Good in a Speedo Step 5
Look Good in a Speedo Step 5

Step 6. Have fun

Act as if having the costume on is totally natural and enjoyable, as difficult as it is at first (pretend to be comfortable until this is true). This will show everyone that you are confident in your style, and that no one has the right to criticize it.


  • Take care of the costume, just like you would any other garment. After being in the pool, rinse it off to remove the chlorine, and let it air dry all the time; do not try to put it in the dryer, otherwise it will shrink.
  • Wear the costume of your choice. You can be daring and choose a metallic one, a neon color or black vinyl. Hawaiian floral and animal print may also suit your taste.
  • If you feel uncomfortable when you have a panties on, try the trunks. It will still be easy to swim, but will expose less skin.
  • A good quality swimwear brand is Speedo, which you can find almost everywhere in Europe, including Italy. If they fit you, invest in these pieces.
  • Avoid swimsuits with light colors (especially if you have dark skin) and bright geometries if you don't want to attract too much attention.
  • Always wear shorts or long pants over your swimsuit before and after swimming, sunbathing or playing. You will avoid exposing yourself too much.


  • Protect valuables elsewhere. Several costumes are too small and have no pockets.
  • While white swimsuits look great on those with a nice tan, they make spots easy to notice, which can embarrass you.
  • Learn about the decency laws of the places where you will be wearing the costume. Pay attention to public swimming pools and beaches to avoid getting arrested.
  • In some places, you risk being the object of derision, insults and insults. Many men prefer to wear baggy and knee-length swimsuits, and often few opt for briefs. If you have one, go ahead and show it off, but you'll need to be absolutely confident and brave.