How to Make a Paper Cube (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Paper Cube (with Pictures)
How to Make a Paper Cube (with Pictures)

With paper cubes you can create fun games, Christmas decorations and many other items. Choose different types of paper and different techniques to make origami suitable for any occasion! Read the instructions.


Method 1 of 2: Basic Cube

Make a Paper Cube Step 1
Make a Paper Cube Step 1

Step 1. Get a sheet of paper

The bigger it is, the bigger the cube will become.

Step 2. Trace the main body

In the center of the paper, draw a long rectangle and divide it into four 5 cm squares.

Step 3. Create a face of the cube

To the right of the second square from the top, draw another square.

Step 4. Create the second face

To the left of the second square from the top, draw another square.

  • At this point it should look like a cross made up of six squares of the same size, and the longest part should be pointing downwards.
  • If you have a printer, you can search online and find a printable model of the size you prefer. Often these models have "tabs" that help hold the cube together.

    Step 5. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut along the outer edges of the figure

    If you printed the pattern with the tabs, be careful not to cut them off!

    Step 6. Fold the paper template

    Fold inward at each line.

    If you need to use glue, fold the tabs inwards as well

    Step 7. Align the faces

    The last square at the bottom should be parallel to the one in the center.

    Step 8. Finish your box

    Tape all the faces together with duct tape, and that's it!

    If you want to glue the tabs, use a couple of drops of hobby glue, or some gel glue, and hold the faces of the cube for a few minutes

    Make a Paper Cube Step 9
    Make a Paper Cube Step 9

    Step 9. Finished

    Method 2 of 2: Fold an Origami

    Step 1. Take a square sheet of paper

    Fold it in half and then reopen it. Fold it diagonally and unfold it again. Repeat on the other diagonal.

    Step 2. Form a kind of tent

    Following the folds you made earlier, close the sheet so that the diagonals become the sides of a triangle. Squeeze the paper well to make it flatten.

    Step 3. Fold the corners

    Keep the open part of the triangle facing you and fold one corner of the top layer of paper upwards.

    Step 4. Then fold the tip of the small triangle you just formed towards the midline of the larger triangle

    Step 5. Close the triangles

    Take the tip of the first corner that you folded upwards and bring it down as you see in the figure and then fit it into the small pocket that has thus formed. Flatten well.

    Step 6. Repeat the entire procedure for the other side in a mirror image

    Step 7. Turn the paper over and repeat the same steps for the other two corners

    Step 8. Fold the top and bottom tips towards the center

    Step 9. Divide the sides

    Open them so that, looking at the sheet from above, they form a kind of X.

    Step 10. Blow to open the cube

    Give a quick and decisive blow of air into the hole that has formed on the tip, to open the cube as if it were a balloon. In this way the cube will take shape; pinch the edges to give it a defined shape and have fun!


    • If you want, you can draw dots on the faces of the cube to turn it into a dice!
    • Make paper boxes of different sizes and colors, then put small lights inside them and use them as decoration. Don't leave them within the reach of children, though!