How to Activate Fresh Yeast: 4 Steps

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How to Activate Fresh Yeast: 4 Steps
How to Activate Fresh Yeast: 4 Steps

Because of its quality, vulnerability and short duration, bakers often prefer the use of fresh yeast. After having bought it in the refrigerated counter of the supermarket in small packs, the fresh yeast must be activated and then incorporated into the chosen recipe. Otherwise your bread or baked product will not rise.


Activate Fresh Yeast Step 1
Activate Fresh Yeast Step 1

Step 1. Check the freshness of the fresh yeast

Your senses are all you need to determine the freshness level of your yeast. The color should be uniformly ivory, free from dark spots or discolouration. The consistency should be moist yet crumbly, with no hardened parts. On the nose you should smell a pleasant yeasty smell. If your yeast dough has dark spots, discolouration, or some hard part, it has probably gone bad and needs to be thrown away. Do not continue with the preparation of the recipe until you have obtained a new one.

Step 2. Prepare the fresh yeast for use

Fresh yeast is usually sold in solid blocks. Crumble the amount needed for your recipe and pour it into a bowl. You can also put the necessary amount of yeast on the bottom of the bowl and then break it up with a spoon.

Step 3. Try activating fresh yeast

In this way you can determine with certainty its level of freshness. To activate the fresh yeast, follow the nutritional process described and then evaluate the response obtained. Do not use yeast that does not respond correctly to the test.

  • Feed your fresh yeast. Yeast, like a human or an animal, reacts to the consumption of water and food. Activate the fresh yeast by mixing it with the hot water required for the recipe and, if possible, with the sugar. The water must be at the perfect temperature, that is between 32 and 38 ° C. If the water were colder, the yeast will not activate. If the water is warmer it will kill the yeast. Add the hot yeast water to the bottom of the bowl.
  • Mix the two ingredients with patience and attention. Continue until the yeast has completely dissolved. You will need to get a slightly thick and pasty consistency.
  • Store the tureen in a warm place protected from drafts. Yeast needs heat to grow. Either way, make sure you don't choose an area that is too hot to not cook or prematurely kill the yeast.
  • Please wait. The yeast takes about 5 - 10 minutes to activate. It should foam or expand.