How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree: 10 Steps

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How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree: 10 Steps
How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree: 10 Steps

Using paper Christmas trees to make decorations can be a nice and inexpensive way to create a party atmosphere in your home or office. These are pleasant decorations, but also easy to do, while having fun! This article tells you how to build two different types of Christmas trees. Both are excellent group projects for children or adults. Use your imagination and have fun!


Method 1 of 2: Create a 3D Paper Christmas Tree

Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 1
Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 1

Step 1. Put the required material together

You can choose a simple or more elaborate tree, to your liking, decorating it with colors, glitter, stickers, paper cutouts, or whatever else you can think of. This is a great project to do as a group. Get some cardboard and many different decorative materials and let everyone unleash their own imagination!

  • Green cardstock (or any color you like).
  • Scissors.
  • A marker.
  • Transparent adhesive tape.
  • Tree decorations; usually glitter, stickers, ribbons, colored paper, confetti, etc. are used.
  • Vinyl glue or adhesive drops to attach decorations.
  • A hot glue gun and a glue stick to attach the top cone (optional).

Step 2. Cut two identical tree shapes from construction paper

Start by overlapping two pieces of construction paper and folding them in half. Then use a marker to draw a half tree shape on the opposite side of the crease. Finally, cut out the design carefully following the outline of the figure. You should get two identical saplings.

You can make a larger tree using two full sheets of construction paper, or you can cut a piece of paper in half

Step 3. Cut slits to put the two shapes together

First, bend the designs lightly along the center line (bring the pointed end of the tree up to touch the base) just enough to mark the center of the tree. Finally, cut a central slit starting from the lower half of a tree and another to go down, always halfway, from the tip of the other.

Step 4. Fit the two saplings along the slots so that the halves fit together

Using clear tape, join the tops and bottoms of the two trees together (the tape on the bottom and top gives the tree more stability and prevents the cardboard from bending).

Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 5
Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 5

Step 5. Have fun decorating your little tree

Don't limit your creativity. You can use colored or glitter glue to add shine. You can even add bows. Cut out colored paper balls using scissors or a paper hole and glue them to the tree. Make a garland out of wire or ribbon and don't forget to place a small star or angel on top.

  • To create a three-dimensional angel or star you can use the same process used for the sapling.
  • Hot glue is suitable for attaching decorations to the tip of the tree.

Method 2 of 2: Make a Conical Paper Christmas Tree

Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 6
Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 6

Step 1. Gather your material

This tree is a simple paper cone that can be decorated simply and elegantly, according to your preferences. You can do this in any size using pre-decorated paper or plain paper that you have previously embellished yourself.

  • Decorated paper. Use green card stock to give the tree a traditional look or use wrapping paper, perhaps handcrafted and with a nice pattern, to create a more modern tree. Avoid using very light paper.
  • A plate, bowl, or other round object large enough to use to create a circle.
  • Vinyl glue, sticky dots, or a hot glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Decorations for your trees.

Step 2. Cut out the cones

Start drawing a circle with a plate, bowl, or other circular object on the paper and cut it out. Then divide it into quarters by folding it in half twice. Now open the circle and cut it into quarters along the lines of the folds. Each paper circle will allow you to create four cones.

  • Use different sizes of plates / patterns to create cones of various heights.
  • You can create a pattern with a larger circumference by using a piece of string that is half the diameter of the desired circle. Tie a pencil to one end of the string and secure the other in the center using tape, a pin or having someone help you. Then hold the string taut and twist the pencil to draw a perfect circle.

Step 3. Form the cones

Hold one of the quarter circles with the tip up and wrap it all around to form a cone. Then use the adhesive of your choice to close it on itself.

  • Make sure you hold the cone in place long enough for the glue to dry.
  • You can use duct tape or possibly paper clips for this step, but you risk them being too obvious.

Step 4. Embellish the cones

Decorate the surface of the paper with markers, paints, glitter glue, or rubber stamps. Then use sticky headbands or vinyl glue to affix various ornaments and decorations to the tree.

  • These cone-shaped paper Christmas trees look especially nice with additions to embossed or embossed patterns, so try to use buttons, sequins, beads or gems.
  • You can also make a star to put on top of the tree by using metallic chenille stems (pipe cleaners) or by making a bow of shiny ribbon. Hot glue works best for attaching decorations to the tip of the tree.
Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 10
Make a Paper Christmas Tree Step 10

Step 5. Place your paper Christmas trees all over the house and get ready for the compliments you'll get

Arrange a row of trees on the tablecloth or use a group of various sizes to make a beautiful and festive centerpiece.